Pianos that are regularly used should be tuned every six months. A tuning appointment is an opportunity to not only fine tune the piano, but also make any other small adjustments to the touch and voice of the piano, ensuring it continues to sound and feel even.


Whether you're considering a purchase and want a second opinion, or have a family heirloom you'd like to move into your home, I can evaluate the piano for you so there are no unexpected costs once the piano is moved to your home.


I'm available by email, phone or Whatsapp for advice on all aspects of the piano. Whether you're within my service area or not, I'm happy to help in any way I can with impartial advice and guidance.

Piano Servicing

Sometimes a piano needs a little more than a regular tuning and minor touch up. My piano service is a double appointment, giving me time to complete additional work like a deep clean, action lubrication, and hammer reshaping.


Whilst tuning or servicing your piano, I can produce an estimate for any repairs that may be needed, taking into account the needs of the pianist and the needs of the piano.


I generally handle action repairs and restoration but can recommend a specialist based on your needs and the needs of your piano. I work with a range of manufacturers, retailers and restorers to provide you with the best service possible.

Silent Systems

I'm fully qualified to install and service a range of silent systems. Installation of AdSilent, Kioshi, and Bechstein Vario systems are completed in partnership with Millers of Cambridge, who have demonstration pianos in their showroom so you can see which system is best for you.


If you are looking for a new piano, I can offer impartial advice on the type of instruments you should consider. I work with a number or retailers who offer excellent products and services, and can point you in the right direction.

Additional Products

I can provide a range of safety castors, climate control systems, soft fall systems, and other accessories for your piano. Email me with any questions you may have.